Hey, thanks for still coming in. BSTN officially stops streamcast on this date ( october 1st ) but architecture site will stay a bit more until the end of the year 2k6 (and until i get 100$ (about 90 today) from google ads so please take a time to clic on ads). You could access to it using this link.
BSTN changing way, contents, target audience, all exept his name in memory of the past. Boobax Streamcast Televisions Networks provided hundreds of television over the world with streaming technology. From 02/03/04 ( February 2nd 2k4 ) the site received about 100 000 visitors and more than 1/10 only in one day during the asian tsunami of December 2k4. Two visitors out of  three has been foreign (not from france). Here's a little classification about from where visitors has been :
1st France 30%,    2nd United States 17%,    3rd Through a Local Network 10%,    4th United Kingdom 5%,    5th Canada 4%,    6th Unspecified Origin 3%,    7th U.S. Commercial 3%,    8th Belgium 2%,     9th Netherlands 2%,    10th Italy 2%.
The most watched TV has been the erotic channel from Austria :) the second has been ITelevision from France and the third RAI Sports from Italy.
A guy spent 22 minutes to read The page of Illlinois, the first advertiser has been, the first ISP has been, the first american ISP has been comcast, the first OS has been Windows XP SP1 50%.
The reason why BSTN updates stops after the tsunami is it's taking too much time to keep it on the top and i was so satisfied whith my 10 000 visitors in one day. Thanks to all the people.
Special thanks to John Kermond ( a scientist from ) who signed my guestbook. Thanks to the National Science Teacher Association, to Miroslav Gorov, the hungarian channel PARTY TV directed by Peter Gebri who broadcasts the technoparade 2005 one hour video on the tv, Toho and his XBox Media Center, to the turkish hackers who hack near the end of the site my useless phpBB forum, to the Dutch press who has given the website link, to HFR in which the idea has begun...
Now go in the new contents of the site : my PLOG ( Photo LOG )


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